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1 Logical Thinking Course

1.Children's logical thinking game curriculum system: let the children play during learning, learn during playing, learn to think independently and develop good study habits in the changing game.

2.The robot programming system: transfer boring encoding to interest LEGO games. Using America NO1 robot as teaching aids which invest by Google .Let kids have courage to asking questions, thinking, creating and solving problems. Inspiring childrens curiosity and interest of science and technology.

2 Picture Book curriculum

1.Using then picture books which comes from Australian as the carrier,  integrating cognitive development goals and learning content.

2.By the use of children's social cognitive development and language as the core goal, on the basis Australia children preschool education practice curriculum, combine with the Chinese children's local way of life, project based learning, its the same as Australian kindergarten homogeneous early language education teaching mode.

3 Art class

1.The artistic ability we talked is not the simple art knowledge and skills, but a comprehensive ability using music, dance, art, drama and other 

2.Developing children's artistic perception and appreciation ability, artistic expression and creative ability, art evaluation and reflection ability

3.Through the art curriculum learning, building children's communication ability, cooperation ability, problem solving ability

4 Main course

1.Using rich theme as carriers in the combination of educational activities

2.Each main course can show the penetration and fusion in learning fields


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